Geothermal Energy and Good Views

Posted on January 16th, 2020 by

Today started off sort of hot and also sort of cold and I’m not talking about the weather. I’m talking about the high and low temperature fields right below our feet in this country. Those temperature fields are used for producing geothermal energy here in Iceland. With that being said, the beginning of our day was spent at the  Hellisheiði Power Station where we learned all sorts of fun facts from an awesome tour guide about how inhabited places all over this vast country get their energy. This power plant in particular is actually the third largest power station throughout the world! Pretty crazy, I know.

Not so much later, we bussed on over towards Hvergerdi listening to our guide talk all about the land, culture and who he was. It was quite humbling to get a different perspective of the land around us as we drove through the white landscape that will continue to surround us as the month goes on.

Although the hike at Hvergerdi might’ve been a little difficult at first, we all became accustomed to the conditions and made the most of the beautiful landscape around us because how many other times are we going to do this? We never know, so I’m glad everyone made the most of it and enjoyed the incredible day we had. Also, the fact that we were hiking towards a natural hot spring definitely was a huge motivational factor. Hot springs can form in several different ways but in Iceland, they are present all over the place because the country is above what is called a hot spot and as water is heated, it ascends through fissures, crevices, and also volcanic crust.

Overall, I think I can say for everyone here that the hike to the river was quite amazing and absolutely worth the work out. I found myself to be quite out of breath the whole way there, so i just kept telling myself “it’s not me, it’t the altitude” and kept on walking.

Although tired, and ready for bed, one more thing had to be done and that was to take the ferry to the southern island of Heimaey where we will end up immerse ourselves in the culture and learn all about the Volcano, also known as Eldfell that rests atop of this island.

I want to end this with one of my favorite quotes that is seen all throughout different National Parks. I thought about it when looking at the vast number of footprints during the hike at Hvergerdi.

“Take nothing but picture….Leave nothing but footprints”
– Aliyyah Eniath


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