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Halló from beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland!!


On the final day in the country’s capital city, Gusties awakened to what looked like a picture perfect day in terms of weather, a nice contrast to the previous day’s winds impressive even to their standards upon The Hill.

Our morning view from our hostel in Reykjavik.

The morning kicked off with the standard breakfast provided by the hostel at around 8:00 am, give or take a few minutes, though a tad overrun by seemingly countless British middle schoolers.  Following a thorough discussion of yesterday’s adventures and a communal lunch-making effort for the bus ride (never have I seen so intense of simultaneous excitement in response to apples!), students were allowed to ready themselves for the day’s adventures.


First on on the list: Þingvellir National Park, home of the original general assembly beginning around 930. While en route, anticipation was evident among all, challenging the rigid constraints constructed by the bus.  However, upon arrival, suspension was only multiplied with the occurrence of a brief lecture and interactive exhibition prior to the tour, though few could complain.  Soon enough, the excursion was on its way, combining the breathtaking views of the landscape Icelanders and tourists alike share such a fondness for with the historical accounts whose significance is evident with the preservation of the numerous manuscripts and sagas.  How convenient that the excursion occurred during optimal golden hour, obviously capable of earning the approval of Instragrammers worldwide.

Golden hour over Þingvellir National Park.

Next up was Geysir, that of which all other geothermal hot springs are named.  With limited time available, the visit was more or less a free-for-all, allowing everyone to explore the area, surrounded by mountains and grounds covered with moss, reminiscent of where many would imagine the famous elves of Iceland would reside, as they wish.

A sunset at Geysir to accompany our sunrise.

Back on the bus, we were on to the final stop for the day, Fontana, for a relaxing soak within the various geothermal baths and a buffet dinner.  Hopping between pools of differing temperatures while taking in the aura created among Icelanders, tourists, snow-capped mountains, and starry skies, apparently was quite an effective way to work up an appetite.


All too soon, the trek back to Reykjavik was underwent.  Whether remaining plans were an early sleep, continuation of procrastination of Njal’s Saga, or a brief night on the town, some rest was recommended to prepare for a sure-to-be-busy day tomorrow.


Bless bless for now!!



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