A Glimpse of Cultural History

Posted on January 12th, 2020 by

Halló from Iceland!

Yesterday’s adventure was quite exhausting and when it finally came down to rest for the night, another wild adventure came crashing to welcome us to the Icelandic nation.

But enough said, with a full 8 or so hours night of sleep and stomachs filled with food, our next adventures in the capital city of Reykjavik were only just beginning. We took our first bus transportation to the city and it was definitely quite a ride. A quick getting on and holding on to a rush out into the blizzard-like weather then a walk through the dark morning to the museum.

The National Museum of Iceland was our first stop. It presented an amazing picture of how the Icelandic nation came to be by going throughout time from the settlement of Vikings to how the Icelandic people live today. There was many artifacts and treasures that showed the Icelandic society and its culture. Our second stop was another museum called The Culture House, which is a sister museum to the National Museum of Iceland. The focus of this museum was more on the viewpoints of the Icelandic society through a visual len of paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc.

Both museum showed very different ways of presenting the Icelandic history. While the first museum introduced the evolution of the history through artifacts and facts, it made the visit direct and educational. The second museum demonstrated the Icelandic history through a visual presentation without much facts behind the images. Although it was quick to get through the whole museum, there was a bit of more thinking and questioning involved.

As we learn more about Iceland’s history and cultures, we are also beginning to notice more and more of the Icelandic nation and some of its cultures along with history being used for inspiration through films, artworks, writings, etc. Who knows, maybe Iceland will inspire us to do something. But until then, bless!


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